Do what I say….

It occurred to me the other day that sometimes I get frustrated because one of my children won’t just “do what I say”. Well, that’s not really the part that *occurred* to me. I am all too aware that they do this. On a regular basis, btw.

If I were relating to my horse, I would say the horse IS doing what I say, it’s just that what I say vs. what I think I am saying is 2 entirely different things. For example, I can *think* I am saying, “pick up a nice forward jog and then 2 track to the left”. When in fact what my body and intention are actually saying is “please give me a lack luster trot with some rushing and quitting involved, then turn to the left”.

From the perspective of an onlooker (or my trusty video camera set up on the mounting block) the first scenario looks effortless and a little boring even :) The second situation looks like I am a new driver and can’t figure out the clutch, with my body rocking back and forth and then tipping to the right as though I have no balance at all. Not exactly pretty.

For some reason, with horses, my first inclination is to look at what is happening in the situation and reflect on what I am doing as the root of the problem I am having. In fact, as I was speaking to a local, very well thought of trainer, the other day- I realized that sometimes I am doing too much of this. On occassion, it really is just the darn horse, lol.

Now, if I put myself in the role of doing what I’m told (like one of those rare occassions where I’m actually paying attention to what God is asking of me!) how often can I really say that I am in that sweet spot of communication? Where he can softly ask, without even having to use many words/suggestions/people/etc? Where the obedience is in step and the timing is natural? Where we are a team and you can’t really see any awkward separation?

How is it that God is so patient with me? Why is He not banging His head with His hand, asking me “why won’t you just do what I say?”

So, finally I get to my point. It occurred to me that sometimes my kids are doing what I say- But what I THINK I am saying, what I WANT to say is different than what I really am saying to them. I need to make sure my intentions, my actions, my prayers for them AND what I am saying are all consistant.

And when that is all lined up and they’re still just being stubborn? Then sometimes it’s just the darn horse. Um, kid. Now… to figure out how to handle a stubborn horse. And kid.

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