How Carol Saved My Life on Thanksgiving

This won’t be a long post.  And now that it’s almost Christmas, I should hurry up and share this since it happened last month.

For those of us that frequent the BAEN message board, a lady named Carol has forever changed our lives.  We’ve been praying for her and her husband since she was incredibly injurred one day while cleaning a stall.  From what I understand, it was a horse that she was quite familiar with and loved very much at the time of a horrible accident.  Her husband found her in the stall with a kick wound to her head. 

All of the details are not needed here… what I’d like to convey today is how instrumental Carol was, even though she will probably never know, in saving me from a similar fate on Thanksgiving day.

During the time that we’ve been praying for them as a community, our thoughts have constantly gone back to them during our days… as we clean out stalls of our own, as we enjoy something with our family or friends.  Knowing what a life altering time is happening for them is something that few of us can truly empathize with.

Some people also shared how they have had odd occurrances lately with their own “trusted” horses… double barrel kicks, out of the oridinary and odd (dangerous!) things happening all over the place.  We have all been on high alert since then.

I never clean a stall with a  horse in it now.  Nor do I grab a hoof pick and clean my horses’ feet out in the pasture (halter and leads are a must…)  I send them away and keep a much bigger bubble of space around me when I’m filling feeders and cleaning pastures as well.

On Thanksgiving I ran out to the barn to refill the hay feeders and as the horses were happily munching a full feeder I decided to pick up a couple of piles of manure under their shelter.  There was one pile that was close by, but I’d have to get right in the “kick zone” to grab it.  Manure fork in hand, I started walking towards it and stopped in my tracks after the first 2 steps.  Realizing it wasn’t safe, I had a little argument with myself about it.

It went something like,

“Neither of my horses has ever tried anything naughty.”

“Yes, but what if they get stung by a bee and kick out and you just happen to be there?”

“Ok, what are the odds of that happening?  It’s never happened before.”

“Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen today.”

“You’re just being paranoid.”

“So what.”

As I’m having this stupid discussion in my head, Davis lets out a double barreled kick, ears laid back.  My eyes got HUGE and I realized that because they were both eating out of the same feeder and Bay’s lips were getting a little too close to his, he decided to make it evident to her that she needed to back off.  And had I gone in for that pile, he would have accidentally taken me COMPLETELY OUT. 

It would not have been just a blown out knee or huge bruise- it would have been serious internal injurries and likely left me unconscious and waiting for someone to notice that I’d been gone for too long and come looking for me.  On Thanksgiving.  I just stood there and cried.

It makes me feel disgusting inside to realize what a horrific thing had to changes an entire family and community for me to be safe today.  It makes me feel sorry.  But I am here today, unchanged by something that would have been life altering for me and my family as well, due to Carol and her husband Rick.  So thank you.  Saying thank you is not enough, but I have never meant those words any more than I do when I say them to you.

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