Good Things About Mud

In an effort to try to change my perspective, since I can’t change the circumstance, I decided to come up with all of the good things I can think of about horsekeeping in the mud.


That’s it.  That’s all I can think of.  Nothing.

I finally took the slow feeding plunge and made a 2nd feeder.  Together, they hold at least enough hay for 2 days for the 2 horses.  At least, lol.  I stopped weighing the hay on Sunday and just filled them both up with grass hay.  Yesterday afternoon (Monday) I went out and turned them out in the arena so they could stretch their legs. 

Boy were they full of themselves… The extra energy from having hay 24/7 on top of not moving a whole lot since their pasture is so slick and they had an explosively good time.  It was fun for the boys and I to watch :)

The “mud free” zone that I did with carpet and cedarest/muckbuster is frustrating.  The area that I have it in is under their shelter… which is a slope.  A slope that the water runs directly into when it storms.  ARG. 

So the ground is going to be wet no matter what.  I’m o.k. with wet.  I’d rather they had a dry area to get into if they chose, but we’ll all live with wet if we have to.  What I’m not o.k. with is slick, 4-6 inch deep mud that mixes in with their manure and urine.  Not o.k. at all.

The “mud free zone” is wet, but not muddy.  I’m thankful for this… the things that are irritating me are that the ground around the shelter is super deep, slick, gross smelling mud.  It needs to be scraped down to the hardpan and angled away from the shelter.  The horses are tracking some of this mud onto their carpet/cedar area.

The other frustration I have is that because of the slope, my cedar bedding is not staying in an even coverage over the carpet.  So there are areas where the carpet keeps becoming exposed and the horses are walking directly on it.  And in those spots, the burlap backing is tearing off.  ARG again.

Since my horses are both barefoot, it’s really not a big deal, but it bothers me just the same.  

One note about the muck buster- I’m losing quite a bit of it in the manure while everything is so wet.  And I’m really not sure about how much of the cedarest is left, lol…  Beautiful and wonderful smelling while fresh and dry, it looks alot like dirt after it gets wet. 

I think the only way to really do justice to this paddock would be to spend a couple hundred dollars on DG, and lay it over the ground that had been scraped “clean” while it was still wet and then allowed to dry.  Of course, it would be HUGE to get the water diverted AWAY from the shelter and might result in my dream paddock, lol.  Probably wouldn’t need any bedding over it either…  Ah, to dream. 

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