Stress Relief

I was a horse crazy little girl.  Always.  Got my first horse when I was in 3rd grade and have never gotten over the bug. 

I went a couple years without a horse and not working with horses when I was first married.  It started off because we’d moved to a small lot in a fixer upper and I decided that I could wait to have a horse until we finished it and move to a place with enough land.  I was exercising horses 3-4 days a week, so not having my own was not a big deal.

Then we found out I was expecting.  So I stopped working with clients’ horses as well (as many of them were stallions and had frequent “outbursts” of trying to bite or kick me in the guts).  A few years pass, 2nd boy (and final child) comes along and proves to be the hell-on-wheels-if-he-was-our-first-he’d-be-our-last kind of child.  The kind that you love with all your heart but he takes so much energy that there are times I wonder if there will be napping in heaven, cause I sure don’t get a lot of rest now.

When he was about 6 months old I tried to find a hobby, so that I could maintain some level of sanity.  I tried sewing (suck at it), scrapbooking (omgoodness is that boring) and soapmaking.  The soap making turned into a nice little hobby/business that I enjoyed, but it never took the edge off.  So I informed hubby that I either needed to get a horse or find a therapist.   I found a friend that would board for me and got a horse.

When things get overwhelming, I put a horse movie or t.v. show with horses on… it’s playing in the background of whatever else I’m doing (laundry, homeschooling, etc.) but somehow the sights and sounds of the horses relaxes me a little.

When life is stressfull, I upload one of my favorite photos of my horsie past to Walmart’s photo service and order a print that is large enough to frame for the wall.  If you visit my house you’ll see the evidence of a lot of past stress, lol.  Old stirrups make decorations.  Navajo saddle blankets are now table cloths.  And pictures of misty Cronan hills and trees through bay ears are framed on my walls. 

Maybe this is normal… a healthy outlet for stress that doesn’t involve strangling, screaming or ripping anyone a new one.  Maybe I’m totally weird and have some adolecent stress issues that never resolved.  Maybe both.  Either way, horses- the smell, the phyisical exericise, the compassion, the quiet, the warmth- it all eases my soul and today as I am reminding myself not to LOSE IT, I will thank God that He wired me this way.  And I’ll go bury my face in my horse’s neck and take a deep breathe. 

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