Rain and Mud- Slow Feeder Heaven!

This pic is not from today…  But a few weeks ago I decided to “winterize” the horses’ pasture and part of that was to cover the ground inside their shelter with carpet, a few bags of Cedarest and Dry Stall.  Mud free. 

Since then it’s rained a few times and except for some carpet stretching and wearing (which I think would not have happened if I’d have covered it with more footing) I’m very happy to announce that there is still no soupy mud under their shelter! 

Yes it’s wet.  And it’s dirty.  But there is no mud… and there is almost no hay waste.

I’ve added 5 bags of Muck Buster which I also really like (larger cedar wood chips) and the slow feeder is hanging under the cover of their shelter too. 

Yesterday was the first day that I started using the slow feeder for more than one meal at a time- they’re now getting it filled once a day around lunch time.  Their food didn’t quite last 24 hours yesterday, so today I fed them more and tossed a flake (probably around 6 pounds) of grass hay on the ground.  We’ll see how that works, hopefully there will be some niblets left when I get there tomorrow.  I might run out and just take a peek in the morning. 

Anyway, that’s the update on the mud free zone and the slow feeder for the 2 of you that were waiting, lol. 

Today I was picking the manure out of the bedding and, if you know me well, you know that I have this weird OCD-like need to get every little scrap of poop out of stalls.  To the point of hand picking or using a cat litter scoop.  Yes, I am not kidding… it’s the worst weird thing I do.  And I constantly have to say to myself “I am not a manure nazi.  I am not a manure nazi.” as I’m cleaning stalls to keep myself from doing it.

So part of having the Muck Buster is that you have to give the manure a pretty good shake to get the bedding out of the manure fork and when you do that, you successfully break apart manure and leave it as well.  ARGH.  It’s really not that bad but I struggled with it :)

Then I went and cleaned the rest of the stalls at the barn, because the owners are on vacation and I’m on doody-duty while they’re gone.  Oh my, I would pick manure our of my cedar bedding over mud any day!  OH my gosh, I’m loving my winterized paddock!!! 

Now I’m sitting back at home all snuggled up and enjoying the sun peeking out of the clouds… Boys and daddy wrestling noisily, enjoying their vacation from *school*.  And there is something comforting about knowing that my horses are toasty and dry in their blankets, have enough food to last them until tomorrow afternoon and have a nice mud free place to rest their feet.  Life is good.

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