If I Can Jump…

That is my little cowboy…  Climbing WAY up a tree to get to that little wooden ledge.

Homeschooling has it’s advantages & one of them is being able to really custom tailor their education for what each student needs.  This cowboy is a little on the timid side, so a full day of SUPER-FUN ropes course was perfect for him.

I recently took him on his first “trail ride” on Bay (lead rope attached, for my own piece of mind) and he had a great time.  When I asked him if her little hippity-skippity made him nervous (she had a moment of not being quite sure of herself when some horses we passed got all excited and started galloping by in their pasture) he replied with, “mom, if I can jump off the ledge all by myself, I can ride my horse just fine.”

I guess that’s how life works.  It sure is how God works in my life…  I may get to the top of the metophorical tree, turn around and notice where I am, tired from the work to get there, scratched and sweaty, and have a moment where I think I may throw up. 

Life’s circumstances sometimes seem too high, too dangerous and completely counter to logic.  But if we trust that Jesus is our safety rigging and don’t give up, we end up on the other side of an experience that becomes a part of the testimony of our lives.  Forever altered and, hopefully, more brave and bold in the future.  It will spill onto other areas of our lives.  Our horsemanship, for example :~)

If I can jump, I can….

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