Finally, a solo ride!

Well, here we are- well into November.  Our slow feeder is working out pretty great.  It’s a trash can with the bottom cut off and a small mesh hay net fixed to the bottom.  There is a hinged lid that keeps the rain and horses out of it.  So far we only throw in enough for the next meal, I’m not confident enough to pack it full.  I had expected to make another so we’d have one for each horse, but an unexpected benefit of having only one feeder has me waiting a while.

Our little mare Bay is the fat one of the two.  Davis is the boss, so while they do eat together out of the same feeder, he does make her wait about 10-15 minutes and she is slowed WAY down by the fact that she has to kind of grab her bites from as much distance as she can get.

As long as she doesn’t get stressed out eating this way, or start losing weight too quickly, I think I’ll leave it like this for a while. 

We made another improvement- I added carpet to the horses’ shelter!  Yep, upside down carpet anchored in with 12″ stakes.  I put 3 bags of Cedarest and a bag of Dry Stall on top.  There are a few additions I need to make, (add another layer of carpet under the feeders and another couple of bags of Dry Stall) but they have been completely mud free and dry during our last couple of rain storms.

Now the official redneck-girl-fix-anything-kit is duct tape, baling twine and old carpet.  LOL, but still true.

Almost half way through the school year, things are going awesome for all of us.  The pre-K news is that he’s officially reading.  READING!  He’s so happy.  And the 3rd grade class of 1 is kicking butt at multiplication and division, loving his Survival Skills class and signed along when we sang happy birthday to the little ‘un recently.  Our highschooler is happily doing her own thing at the public school this year- learning all about the nasty realities of life outside our home… but loving every minute of it and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  She will take this world by storm, what remains to be seen is if it will be a gentle rain that leaves the air smelling sweet or something that comes in with a fierce presence that alters the landscape.  I think it will be like every winter, a mixture of the two.

We have been tested a few times recently regarding our willingness to move to far away lands…  And as always, we are willing to go where ever God would have us.  But I have to admit, I had a moment yesterday where the feeling of LOVE for my community just engulfed me.  It was a good day… I spent the morning with my family, went in the afternoon to meet the trimmer.  Both horses got good grades on their hooves :~)  Which I adore because I try to keep them pretty well trimmed in between visits.  My trimmer’s wife showed up, who is my we’re-both-horse-freak-outcasts-bff.  I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and seemed to know everyone.  My favorite grocery store employee is also a gal I know through our homeschool group and I got to chit chat with her about our recent hair style chances.  And I ran into the woman that owns the cutest consignment shop in town, My Girlfriend’s Closet (she’s got her eye out for a birthday/Christmas outfit for me).  And then I went home, washed my armpits (LOL, had to throw that in, Leslie) and we went out to eat at a fancy restaurant with our AWESOME friends.  A few drinks and some uber yummy, low carb food.  I think my salad plate was the size of my torso… And yes, I ate it ALL. 

A good day.  I hope we have a long time yet in this little town. 

And one more cool update to share (as if any of you can BEAR to keep reading at this point).  I finally got up the guts to try a solo trail ride with Davis.  It took me a long time, but not as long as it has with my previous horses.  It’s not that he’s not trustworthy, it’s that I have *chicken-issues*.  He was a CHAMP.  Of course, I got off to walk when we past the first few groups of other horses.  And being a holiday, there were a LOT of other riders out.  He was pretty concerned that he should be turning around and going with them, so I’m satisfied with my choice of walking him through it.  But after a while he seemed to understand what the program was and didn’t give me any grief or have that worried look in his eye anymore. 

And Ky has been riding Bay outside the arena and I even walked them down to the trail head last week.  She got a little concerned when the neighboring horses were wooping it up and cantering around, but Ky sat deep and pulled her head up and around and they were fine.  He didn’t even get worried, though this mommy’s heart skipped a beat!  He asked her to still her feet for a few seconds, then he squeezed her forward, continuing the previous plan… didn’t miss a step.  Didn’t need my direction at all. 

I do have to add, I would have kept making excuses for myself and not taken Davis out alone if I had not asked Leslie to hold me accountable.  That was absolutely the ONLY thing that made me follow through with it.  I prayed continually that God would take away any unreasonable fears and that He would give me the discernment I would need to keep myself and Davis out of trouble.  Accountability.  Funny how we do things differently when we know we’re going to have to tell someone about it, huh? 

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