Big Gal, Little Horse

As perfectly proportioned as the little Cowboy is with his Bailey Baby girl, I do NOT look so adorable astride her.

I need to get a picture the next time…  I’ve been on her and ridden around lightly a few times, but today I actually set out with the purpose of today being “her” day to be ridden.  Since hubby came back from his Mexican cattle ranch trip, he’s had a renewed desire to ride.  Still little to no time to actually do it, lol.  But he’d like to take the horses out for a trail ride, so he’ll be riding Davis and I’ll be riding Bay. 

Seems like as good of a time as any to see what she knows… I was happy to find that after a brief attitude check she is a really great ride. (She’s just like that- like every other mare I’ve ever had, she has to just double check and see if she is the boss today or if it’s still the person.  Can’t blame a girl for asking.)

She, like Davis, has been a “guest trail horse” for the last few years.  A lovely semi-retirement style life for a horse, but they tend to get a little rusty.  She’s a smart cookie and once she figured out what the program was, she got right on board. Today I asked for multiple speeds at the walk and asked for softening and a little bit of collection, followed by asking her to stretch long and low.   Moving off my leg.  Some quarter turns on the forehand and haunches.  She moves right up into a jog without having to ask twice (which to Ky’s credit is an improvement that is new in the last month.)  Though I don’t have it in me to ask her to jog more than one length down the arena :)

I’m looking forward to spending more time on her… I’m thinking I’ve been able to eek out 3 days a week on Davis so I’ll just add a 4th riding day to my schedule when I can and take Bay for a short spin.  And she’s a big, stout girl, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure she can carry me around on a nice 1 hour trail ride without a problem.  It’s just that if her legs were much shorter, my feet might drag the ground, lol.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my horses? 

The little Cowboy has another lesson this Friday, he’s still on his “once a week” riding schedule.  He’s so funny- he actually plans it out and writes in on his calendar!  I wish I were that disciplined at his age!! 

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