Simple is Good.

Well, after my post yesterday I just had to share my morning with you.

But let me start at the beginning.  Last week I went out to a Bowen appointment on a gaited horse that hasn’t been gaiting.  She’s had a hard time bending to the right as well and her owner just knew something was “off”.

We went over her case history, feed, hoof care, pasture situation etc.  Discussed recent vaccinations, worming protocol and all of those details…  Then we went to work.  The mare is sweet and quiet… she looks at you with a discerning eye and would probably rather not have me feeling around to find her ouchy spots.  She pretends to be distracted by something on the ground and then steps to the side…  Just a little avoidance.  But then I get into a spot that is tight and bothersome and she stills, her ears focussed back to me and she becomes intent on the process. 

I noted that her pelvis was tilted and highlighted her chart in all the areas that she had pain/sensitivity.  I recommended that I come back in a week to see how she’d progressed and it would give us an idea of how her body responds to Bowen.

Every horse is so different.  Some have very obvious, almost exagerated releases…  Licking and chewing.  Yawning.  Shaking their neck to readjust.  Stretching.  Some don’t.  This mare did not.  I watched her eye and could tell what was going on, but she only had a few moments of real “let it all go”.  But by the end of the session she was in a state of total relaxation and looked a little like she’d had a few mojitos :~)

This morning I show up for our 2nd session and am greeted with a very happy owner.  They went out on a trail ride yesterday and had an AWESOME ride.  Gaiting like there was never a problem.  The mare went soft and supple, bending without trouble or stiffness.  Her husband noted how even the mare looked going down the trail.  Happy horse, happy owners. 

I love when it is so simple.  You just can’t tell at the start of the process.  I do what I can do and then we just wait and see what the horse’s body is going to do.  Have I mentioned I love simple?  Simple is good. 

They aren’t all so simple, so I’m going to bask in this one while I can, lol.  Thank you Star and Lynette!

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