Oh is it really fall?

I am LOVING this weather!  With the home school year well under way (week 8 baby!) I’m not getting ANY trail riding time.  But I’m learning to live with it (and am actually quite content).  The place that I board our horses is very family friendly and my boys get to ride Bay (my new nick name for her… the perfect shortened name for both Baby and Bailey :~) and then they play while I ride for 30 minutes or so in the areana.

I’ve slowed everything down to a walk.  We’re going to master things slowly and then add some speed.  Plus the barn owner is revamping the arena and right now it’s pretty rocky.  So instead of get an owie, we’ll just practice our whoa, backup (which are getting very nice by the way), bending, roll backs and opening/closing gates at the walk.  Davis is really thinking it all through and I think I’ll spend some time today de-rocking the arena so we can try it at a trot some time soon.  I think I was moving to quickly before and it’s part of what had him hesitating.

Davis transition to barefoot is going great- he’s still walking gently over the gravel drive way, but not taking any owie steps even when I ride him over it!  And his feet look awesome. 

Yesterday the boys and I went out and got all the hay covered (finally motivated by the many mornings waking to sprinkling rain) and replaced the cracked window in the horse trailer.  We got all the supplement and storage buckets cleaned out and de-spidered.  Everything has a lid and I think we’re almost ready to settle into fall and winter!  Yay!

The only thing left to do is to hang our new home made slow feeder and get the other one made.  It looks like they’re actucally going to work perfectly for our needs, too. 

Hubby helped me build the first one out of a heavy duty trash can with a hinged lid and a small mesh hay net.  He cut the bottom off of the trash can and drilled a series of holes all around the bottom edge.  I used baling twine to tie the hay net on the bottom and BAM- slow feeder :~) 

I hung it and put some hay in to experiment… but I didn’t want to hang it permanently yet.  THAT was my main mistake, lol.  I used a bunch of baling twine to tie it to a post.  They ate the hay out of the net hanging from the bottom just fine.  I love that the lid is attached and easy to flip up to refil and that thet horses can’t open it from their side (though I’ll put a bungee on it later since the wind will probably whip it open during the winter storms.)

But by the next moring, they’d ripped it down, lol.  So, we’ll be hanging it up with some serious bolts and washers the next time.  Once those are up and running, the horses will have dry hay available 24/7 during the winter and I think the only other “barn chore” that needs to be done is to get myself a new full length rain slicker so I can still ride!

Firewood.  Anyone else thinking firewood right now…  I guess I’d better get that done too.  I’m just so excited about fall.  Pumpkin patch here we come.  Apple pie at Apple Hill.  Oh I love this time of year! 

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