Essential oils and herbs are powerful NATURAL chemicals. They have the potential to assist our bodies for great good and also a potential for harm. It is very important that each person educates themselves on supplements that they use just as we should seek education on medicines and foods.

Some basic safety tips:

Dilute your oils. This is nearly always recommended for various reasons. Some oils perform better in lab studies at a diluted concentration, some oils are safer to use (gentler on skin, etc.) and some oils can be down right dangerous when used in ways that are commonly found on the internet (oregano may burn, most citrus oils can cause photo-sensitivity and lead to sun burn if applied to skin before going out in the sun, etc.)

Never ingest oils that are not labeled with Supplemental Fact labels as they are not meant (or safe for) internal use. Take care when using oils internally, educate yourself and understand the proper use and applications as well as preferred dosage. When in doubt, my rule of thumb is just skip internal usage and diffuse or use topically until you are comfortable & ready.

Be careful of internet information. We can find information to back up almost anything on the internet… It’s best to find a practitioner that is well versed in essential oil usage, seek out a Wellness Advocate that has a background in healthcare, biology, or extensive training (my personal preference is training from more than a single source) or better yet, a Wellness Advocate surrounded by a team of all of the above.

Trial and Adjustment It is considered “par for the course” in medicine to try a medication, observe the results and adjust dosages or medication contents. Natural remedies and body system support is no different in that regard. In choosing an oil to support your body, greater success is usually obtained when we start conservatively, observe results, and adjust accordingly. Tracking our results can also be very helpful as well as beneficial information when talking to our selected healthcare providers.

I provide all of my clients with resources, both online and physical reference materials, so that safety and usage information can easily be found. I also provide ongoing education classes both locally and via Zoom, researching the latest available information in independent publish studies as well as doTERRA specific information.

My background:

  • Animal Aromatherapy Specialist, trained by Veterinarian Dr. Janet Roarke
  • Certificate in Alternative & Complementary Medicine from Kennesaw State University, Georgia
  • Traditional aromatherapy education and usage since 2002.
  • Natural skincare company from 2003-2010
  • Certified Bowen Therapist (dual certification for people and animals) 2010- present
  • Currently also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate surrounded by a team of healthcare professionals in the human and animal field, biologists and, other professions/training backgrounds that are beneficial to both myself and my clients.