If “in-person” events are your jam, you’ll want to join us for our Equine Team’s local workshops!

  • Red Rooster Burgers & Brew (Garden Valley, Ca.) **MONTHLY CLASS

This class is in a very relaxed atmosphere, several of us arrive early and order food & drinks 🙂 We are indoors for this class, and topics range from pain to skin care. The topic of this class the one held at Holiday Market are usually the same, so you may choose which ever works better for you.

  • Holiday Market (Cool, Ca.) **MONTHLY CLASS

Holiday Market offers us a community class room at the front of the store. The air conditioning is good, the location is central and this classroom tends to be easier to hear and is very well lit. Grab your groceries and dinner for the family after the class 🙂

  • Chapel Bell Equestrian Facility (Pilot Hill, Ca.)

Classes and workshops here always have access to HORSES 🙂 We usually begin in an indoor meeting room, with essential oil water and occasionally snacks. Topics often include pain, digestion, sleep & stress, animal care, emergency/first aid, trauma care and emotions. For animal classes, we are HANDS ON with horses, dogs, sheep, etc.

CLINIC coming in April!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/233221465775052

One on one appointments are available at all above facilities.

  • For specific dates and topics and to RSVP, ask at any of the locations or text 530-497-0217

Customizable Workshops and Classes for YOUR Group

Choose from:

  • Essential Oils 101 (Horses and/or Humans)
  • Pain and 1st Aid (Horses and/or Humans)
  • Sleep, Stress & Emotions (Horses and/or Humans)
  • Digestion (Horses and/or Humans)
  • Children & Oils (including germs, mood, safety, etc.)
  • Aging Healthfully (Horses and/or Humans)
  • Dietary Supplements
  • “Medicine Cabinet Makeover” (Horses and/or Humans)

Let us know what your group’s needs are and we’re happy to create a custom experience for you!