It can be difficult to weed through all of the choices that are available for the health of our families. You don’t have to do this alone. Work with me and get some help figuring it out.


I provide classes and education in online group format (zoom), 1-on-1 private appointments, and recordings.


When we connect, we’ll go over your top 3 health concerns & goals and I can make recommendations for you. These recommendations may include: nutrition, physical therapy, holistic counseling, and natural remedies.

-Ongoing Support

With most healthcare professionals and natural product retailers, you only get your questions answered at the time that you are purchasing something. When we are working together, you’ll get free 1-on-1 sessions monthly or bi-monthly as well as “as needed” support via text or Marco Polo app (this is great for those who are missing the regular face-to-face interactions).

-Getting Started

  1. Schedule an appointment or start shopping. Appointments can be phone, text, Marco Polo, Zoom or in person… What works best for you?
  2. Get your customized plan of recommendations from me complete with any webinar recordings, live class links, printable nutritional plans, referrals to holistic practitioners, and natural product recommendations.
  3. Follow up. Depending on your preferences, we will be connected for ongoing support during the first 30 days. This may include an additional 1-on-1 appointment, 2 weeks in. We will connect again 30 days in to re-evaluate and plan for the 60 day mark.

-Fees & Rates

Fees are waived for clients that are purchasing products and all support and appointments are free. $65 per online session or $200 per month for once a week support appointments.