-PLEASE NOTE: Now available Mondays or Wednesdays!!

Some of the resources and samples below are PDF files that are multi-page. You can use the arrow buttons to flip pages 🙂

One day a week program on Wednesdays in Pilot Hill (Chapel Bell Equestrian Center)

We’ll meet from 10:00-2:00, using a base of literature we’ll read, write, and consider early American history… Work our way across the United States and study with a particular focus on pioneer living and sustainable back yard farming. We’ll care for chickens, rabbits, horses and sheep. The new garden beds are already going in and we’ll be prepping everything over the summer.

Students will be provided with full unit studies for at home use, if that’s what your floats your family’s boat (for all grade levels)- use as much or as little as you’d like.

Pack allergy friendly lunches, students will eat while we read, then finish our day with a mixture of hands-on projects and age appropriate farming/gardening ❤

Here’s the registration link with cost and payment info: https://forms.gle/y5rL35jQVivkGa4w7

Seats are limited, so register quickly.

Billing, charter school info, etc.: Julie (530) 537-6395

Class enrollment, curriculum, etc.: Jenni (530) 497-0217