When I became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA I was already an Equine Bowen Therapist (bodywork). I loved my clients and greatly enjoyed serving them and helping them in the healing process. What I didn’t love was:

  • Slow business during the rainy season
  • An over abundance of work in the spring
  • Long drive distances to many clients
  • Being paid only for my time (felt like hauling buckets of water to my horse troughs)

I found system that still allows me to help my clients (exponentially more people & animals, in fact) and is much more like having my barn plumbed for water rather than hauling buckets every day.

If you are a practitioner (bodyworker, medical practice, horse trainer, etc.) and would like to know how I did this, I’m happy to share. I meet regularly with people on my team and fully support their learning, helping them to either transition to a new business model or to integrate into their current business. Visit my mission page here to learn more.

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