Integrating Natural Remedies for Practitioners

When I became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA I was already an Equine Bowen Therapist (bodywork). I loved my clients and greatly enjoyed serving them and helping them in the healing process.


  • Slow business during the rainy season
  • An over abundance of work in the spring
  • Long drive distances to many clients, for one or two appointments
  • Being paid only for my time actually in treatment session

I found system that still allows me to help my clients (exponentially more people & animals, in fact) and is much more like having my barn plumbed for water rather than hauling buckets every day.

If you are a practitioner (bodyworker, medical practice, horse trainer, etc.) and would like to know how I did this, I’m happy to share. I provide practitioners and current business owners with all the product training, business training, and make my business coach available to you as well. I meet regularly with people on my team and fully support their learning, helping them to either transition to a new business model or to integrate into their current business. Visit my mission page here to learn more.

Downloadable pdf packet with more information about our workshops and integration ideas for your business: